Learning Upgrade Product Review – Tech & Learning Magazine


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Over the past few months I have had the honor of reviewing various educational tools for Tech & Learning Magazine. Recently I reviewed the product “Learning Upgrade“, which you can read in the July issue of the magazine.  It has been a tremendous experience and I look forward to exploring my writing and the various great tools available to the educational community.


You can check out my first review for T&L Magazine, for the product “Goal Book“, which was published in the June, 2014 issue.

Student iMovie Project

One of my goals this year was to allow my students more opportunities to create and manipulate media to demonstrate their understanding of content we cover in class. Through the chaos of my first year at a new school, I was not able to offer these opportunities for all assessments, but I am happy to say that my students are taking advantage of more and more opportunities. Below is an example of one such opportunity. After completion of our Poverty Unit in my International Relations class, one option was for student’s to demonstrate their learning through the creation of a Public Service Announcement, designed to educate the public about poverty. With very little direction from me, and using only a MacAir with iMovie, a couple students created this great PSA.