Genius Hour Feedback Wordle

After presenting our last Genius Hour Talks, I had my students complete a short survey about their Genius Hour experience. I made a word cloud of their responses to the question “What were your overall thoughts on Genius Hour?”. Reading their positive feedback is unbelievably motivating. Can’t wait for next year. Check out some of their Genius Hour blogs here. 



My Favorite Kind of Feedback

We use many techniques, tools and theories to try and measure our impact on students. Some of these are more controversial than others, some are more effective and some are new and exciting. However, one of the most effective mediums for measuring impact is the first hand account of a student.

I was lucky enough to enjoy one of these moments today. A student approached me during class, inquiring about “Genius Hour”, and asking if we could do it again next year. I always enjoy receiving feedback from students, but what made this so unique was that this student is not in the class that is currently participating in Genius Hour. This student had heard through his peers about the project, and obviously their positivity was so contagious that it pushed him to seek out his opportunity. As a teacher, I always strive to lead a lesson that fosters out of class learning and discussion. Today, mission accomplished. What a great way to end the week.


Wanna check out our current Genius Hour projects? You can find updates and a list of student blogs on our class Genius Hour website here.