Podcast Review – Techlandia

Techlandia is an Ed Tech podcast I just discovered, hosted by Jon Samuelson (@ipadsammy) and Alison Anderson (@tedrosececi). The podcast is relatively new, having just released their twelfth installment of Techlandia. You can find the podcast on iTunes or through any podcast service.

Techlandia follows a very simple, but powerful format. The duo present 3 apps, 3 twitter users to build your PLN (Personal Learning Network) and 3 websites/tools to improve your practice. They usually have a guest join them, and they are always a well respected and high level member of the Ed Tech community. Past guests have included Curt Rees (@wiscprincipal) and Jeremy MacDonald (@MrMacnology), amongst other tremendous education professionals.

What makes this podcast great is that the hosts have a lot of fun while they record. Most podcasts that try to provide more information than entertainment get caught up being too serious or dull. Samuelson and Anderson spend time talking about former experiences,  people they meet at conferences, sporting events and almost always Samuelsons distaste for Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. They make a great team and bring a fun atmosphere to the podcast, something that is desperately needed in the Ed Tech podcast world.

I highly recommend you give Techlandia a listen and build your PLN with @techlandiacast and add some great apps to your tool belt. If you have any other favorite podcasts, share them in the comments.

PD While You Drive – Podcasts


Over the past few months, I have become more and more fascinated by the various podcasts in the iTune Store, and the variety of topics they cover. I have compiled below a list of podcasts that I rely on to increase my knowledge, both professionally but also socially. I have used a lot of what I hear in these Podcasts in my lessons, planning, technology integration and everyday conversation with my students. Since listing to these podcasts doesn’t take any additional time from my day, as I listen on my runs and during my commute, all of this content is without cost to my productivity.



For iOS Downcast is the most impressive app. Allows iCloud Sync between devices and blows the Apple Podcast app away.





Some of my consistent podcasts:


Instructional Tech Talk – Jeff Herb


iPad Today – Twit  (This Week In Tech)

MacBreak Weekly – Twit

This Week In Google – Twit

This Week In Tech – Twit

NPR Topics: TEchnology Podcast – NPR


Techstuff – How Stuff Works

Lifehacker Podcast

The Cult Cast – Cult of MacImage


History of Rome – Mike Duncan 

History of WWII

Freakonomics Radio – NPR