Power of PLN Social Studies

I sent out a few questions asking for some input from educators on why students dislike history and what I could use to help engage them. I was not disappointed with the results.

First I sent out a request for video game ideas for a Social Studies class.
What r some video games that could b used in Social Studies class? Lookin 4 role playin like Civilzation. #edtech #sschat
July 10, 2011
And the next day, I got a tip on a game I had not heard of.
@ShackKyle Do you know about Mission US?
July 10, 2011
I also sent out a request for teachers to help me understand why student would dislike a social study class.
What are some common reasons students do not like history class? #sschat #edtech #ntchat
July 10, 2011
And two fellow educators gave me input, that I used in my conference presentation.
@ShackKyle Boredom. They view it as a lecture and test class.
July 10, 2011
@ShackKyle I think it starts with turn to page ____ also, many, many history teachers think that teaching = lecture #sschat
July 10, 2011
This is the power of a PLN (Personal Learning Network). It allows me to interact with educators across the world and collaborate with them to become a better student and teacher.

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Twitter 102 – Tweetdeck

This is an amazing video made by Josh Stumpenhorst for any educator trying to learn about Twitter. The video does a fantastic job of explaining the key tools and tricks to making connections with other educators. The video explains these key functions through the third party Twitter platform Tweetdeck, which I use as well, and gives a great overview of both products. I would highly recommend this be shared with anyone interested in expanding their Personal Learning Network (PLN).