Home Screen Share – iPad

I have seen a lot of people do this, and I was inspired to share the home screen of my iPad. I like this because it allows others to see what apps I use most, and possibly those they could also use. I have included a few pictures and descriptions of apps I use and why.


My Home Screen













News Gathering Apps – Zite & Flipboard

These two apps are essential for my content consumption. Zite gathers news based on ather articles and topics that I read, and populates the app with information that it believes I would enjoy.

Flipboard is a fantastic content provider, as I can run everything from my Google Reader, to Tumblr, to Instagram to Twitter through it. It has a fantastic design and the UI (user interface) is unreal. Both are free.


Photo Skitch Document












This app has become essential for my lesson planning. It was a paid app, and a little pricey at $4.99, but worth it. It allows me to use my iPad as a second monitor. I simply connect it through Wi-Fi and prop my iPad up next to my MacBookPro. This allows me to place a word document on the iPad and conduct research on my laptop monitor.

Photo Skitch Document (1)

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