Mindfulness and creativity: Implications for thinking and learning – New Publication

Creativity has long been viewed as a crucial skill for teachers, as well as a key target for development amongst students. Mindfulness on the other hand has gained popularity more recently in education, as student well-being and mental health needs are thought about more deeply. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to join two amazing educators in exploring the literature that examines relationship between these two areas, and how that relationship impacts the world of education. Citation, link to the article, and abstract are below.

Henriksen D., Richardson C., Shack K. (2020) Mindfulness and creativity: Implications for thinking and learning. Thinking Skills and Creativity, 37

Abstract: Mindfulness and creativity have both come to the forefront of educational interest—but a better understanding of their relationship and the implications for education is needed. This article reviews the literature on the intersection of these topics in order to understand where and how these two related but distinctive areas of research connect, and how this pertains to the complexity of education settings. Our goal is to understand findings from the literature and consider the implications for educational practice and research, with an eye to how mindfulness can be supportive to learners’ creativity. This thematic review and qualitative analysis of extant literature identifies four themes that speak to the connection between mindfulness and creativity. There is solid evidence to show a generally beneficial and supportive relationship, in that practicing mindfulness can support creativity—but many factors affect this and there are a range of considerations for practice. This article reflects on the key findings of scholarly work on the mindfulness-creativity relationship with interpretative discussion and implications for educational research and practice.

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