The transformation that I want is for my students to understand the real world application of skills taught in my class. By presenting the content in an engaging manner, I will crete intrinsically motivated students who attain the knowledge and skills not for a grade, but for the value they see in the curriculum. Providing them with a way to connect the content to their personal lives, which is not something many of them have the opportunity to experience outside of my classroom, is the only way to bring value to their understanding.  My students face the danger of being ill prepared for the decisions they must make as adults if they do not have the skills to inform themselves.

When my students finish my class, I want them to have the necessary skills to conduct research for themselves. This means they must be able to identify a problem or issue they need to learn about, locate and attain various sources of information, properly analyze and scrutinize that information, and be able to use past knowledge and experiences in conjunction with their research. Now, more than ever before, students are flooded with information, as their access to social media, television, blogs and other forums increase on an almost daily basis. With the ability to access vast amounts of information, students have the luxury of more resources to collect information from, contrasted with the need to decide what sources are reliable.

Through the integration of technology, I would like my students to be able to conduct this level of academic, as well as personal, research in a digital setting. I also want them to feel the necessity of their research, and this can be attained through technology as well. The technology integration can bring resources, tools and information together, and students can be exposed to the content in alternative manners, allowing the curriculum to be more individualized. The students will be able to build their technical and research skills while simultaneously being introduced to content in a personal and engaging platform.

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