Google Forms To Assess My Student’s

I know this is a topic that has been discussed so many times, that I am not bringing any new tools to someone’s attention. However, what I would like to do is share my first attempt at using Google Forms to evaluate my student’s work. My goal is that this template might either inspire or implore another educator to try something new.

The Assignment –

My student’s were to create a visual project, where they illustrated several features of civilizations we have studied. They will be presenting these projects during their finals week. I have attached the rubric here.

The Need for Google Forms –

I wanted a way to assess my students, but do so in an easy, efficient and productive way. What the form allows is for me to make similar comments on student’s projects, while still personalizing them. I am able to give student’s ratings, 1 – 10, on their ability to match the rubric, but I am also able to give personalized comments. I can organize these comments and grades into a spread sheet, for easy transfer into the grade book  and eventually print out individual reports for each student. I have attached the form below to give you an idea what I am trying.

As with most of my experiments, I plan on updating this after the assignment and letting you know how it went. Also, some additional resources attached at the bottom.


Free Tech For Teachers – “Google Tutorials” 

Edudemic – “80 Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom”

Some AWESOME Google Form templates from Kern Keley – here


Happy Holidays!

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