Repurposed App! – iBrainstorm iOS

One of the coolest things about being in the Ed Tech field is that so many people are able to repurpose so much! So I decided that I will share some of mine as well.

iBrainstorm – iOS (Free)

iBrainstorm is a great app to brainstorm for anything, so its really not a stretch to say that you are repurposing. However, I use it for a multitude of purposes. I use it to roughly sketch out my ideas for upcoming units or semesters. The post its can be moved quickly and the being able to change their color allows for me to update my unit plan easily.


Repurpose – Seating Chart





With some of my classes the seating chart changes rapidly, even daily if we are have group projects. I slide the students names to the new arrangement and then projecting the iPad on my classroom projector. Since the students in the class do not change, this has saved me from recreating a template in Word or Pages every time I want to change the seating, and is quickly presentable. Also, I can make quick and small changes in real time if needed.


iBrainstorm Video Tutorial

Free Technology for Teachers iBrainstorm Review

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