Share Your Love for Reading

The topic of our district Twitter chat (#ChatAPS) last night was geared towards March Reading Month, and how it impacts our students. One of the cool ideas that came out of the discussion was for teachers to be more proactive in sharing their love for reading with their students. One unfortunate truth is that many students do not see reading modeled for them by adults at home. One way in which we can combat this, is to model our love for reading at school.

One of the ways that we are trying this is with “What I’m Reading” posters. While it was an idea that I had thought of before, I had never managed to act on it. Thanks to the motivation from our Twitter chat, I found this neat site that creates a poster in mere seconds.

Capture is free and easy to use, creating the poster in the blink of an eye that has your name, book title, cover of book, QR code and a clickable Amazon link to the book. I found it to be the perfect in creating a quick and easy way for me to share what I am reading with my students, no matter what month it is.

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