Creation of my QR Code Activity

To prepare for this lesson, the first thing I needed to do was ensure I knew what I wanted my students to be looking at the QR Codes for. I decided that they would be receiving the following information from the first QR Code on the maps. (Pic to Right)

African Nation:
– Leader: ____________
– Government: _______________
– Independence Date:________________
– Colonizing Nation: _________________

Next QR #____

From here they were to scan another QR code that was attached to the board. This would give them the following information below.

Colonization Information:
– Former Name: __________
– Origin of Name:___________
– Date of Colonization: _____________
– Significant Information: _________________

They were to use this information to create a poster about the nation. They could make the poster however they wanted, but they were required to include this infomariotn from the two QR Codes.

What my students saw:

QR CODE – Angola

Student Sees:

QR Code #2

Student Sees:

I created these QR Codes using the Chrome Browser App The QR Code Generator.

After I created the six nations QR codes, I created the six QR codes for their independence movements.


The students were required to create a poster using the QR codes, but they were also allowed to use the QR codes to work on the charts and worksheets they were also assigned. I found that most student choose to keep working with the QR codes even when they were not required.


Students interacting with QR Code:

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