QR Codes in the Classroom – Intro

QR Code – African Independence Activity Introduction 

Last week I decided to finally take a leap and use QR codes in my Freshmen World Studies class.

I wanted to for a long time, but I never felt as if my students or I was ready for this endeavor. We have used technology in a few ways so far this year, but never had my students been allowed to use hand held devices connected to the interent.

I will write about this experience in several posts. First I will give an introduction to my activity and explain what my students were tasked with completing.


Next post I will outline my preparation and the technology I used to create this activity.



The unit was Independence Movements, with the objective being my students understand the key elements involved in the French Revolution, Latin American and African independence movements. After using primary sources, note taking and readings to convey the French Revolution and the Latin American movements, I found myself looking for something more active to use with the class.
When students first entered the classroom, I divided them into groups of six and gave them each the directions, and a checklist. (Link Here)appened to be the final week before Spring Break, so I knew that experimenting with something would be more effective than expecting my students to remain seated quietly.


I explained to them that their objective was to find information using six QR codes that were placed on various maps around the classroom. They were to use this information to fill out the worksheet and create a poster that was listed on the directions. They could also use the Blue Book resources that we have in classroom to fill out the questions on the worksheet (link here) (Chart link). This was to ensure that if we did not have enough devices for all the groups, the students would have a resource to complete their work.




I then instructed the students on the use of the QR code reader on the iPod Touches, and explained that if they also had a device capable of reading QR codes, they were able to use them. Since they are not allowed to use personal devices in class, I then explained that this is a privilege that can be revoked if they show they can not handle this responsibility.


Students were then released to begin working with their groups. Students were clear that they were expected to create a

POSTER – analyzing one nations path to independence

WORKSHEET – Answering the twelve questions about African Independence

CHART – Giving information on four other nations and their independence struggle


Next post I will outline the technology I used and how I set up this activity.

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