Introducing Google Docs to My Freshmen

Today my freshmen were introduced to Google Docs in our World Studies class. Although many had used it before, there were still some learning pains and minor bumps on the way to completing the days task.

The project my students are working on is their annotated bibliographies. To aid them, I had them create a folder for “World Studies” and create their document inside that folder. They then shared the document with me so I can ensure I am able to monitor the students progress.

Next, I had them complete a Google Form that I created. They filled in the topic they had choose, the title and author of their print sources, their online source and gave me the names and titles of the students they needed to share sources with. I am hoping this will be easier to ensure that my students complete their own work and don’t copy work from a student they are sharing with.

The first task of creating the collection and document was slightly tricky for my freshmen, so I created this Google Doc Guide PDF.

Next I had them fill out the Google Form, which can be seen below or found here.

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