MAET – Master of Arts in Educational Technology Program

I will currently be completing my Master of Arts in Educational Technology degree this summer, and I wanted to share my amazing experience with other educators who want to be at the forefront of educational technology and its impact on our profession. Below is a brief note from my program director and some information on the program, as well as some pictures from my experience. I strongly strongly recommend this program to anyone with some interest. It has changed my outlook on teaching and already paid off greatly in my ability to be successful in the field of education.

My name is Leigh Wolf. I am a professor of Educational Technology at
Michigan State University and I would like to let you know about our
Master of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET) program specifically
designed for international educators. I am extremely proud of the fact
that I coordinate this program and appreciate the opportunity to
provide you with details on our program which is specifically tailored
to international teachers. In your administrative role, if you think
the information below would be of interest to others in your school
community, we would sincerely appreciate it if you would forward this
email on to your colleagues.

Thank you,

The MAET program at Michigan State University
( offers a flexible and powerful set
of learning experiences that help teachers become intelligent and
creative users of technology for teaching. Our goal is not just to
develop technological proficiency but to develop teachers who can make
intelligent decisions about technology integration in teaching. We
seek to develop a new generation of teachers who think about
technology in creative and flexible ways in order to powerfully and
transformatively teach subject matter. It is this emphasis on deeper
dimensions of teaching (rather than the merely technical) that
distinguish our program from most other programs. We do this through a
rigorous curriculum that is based on cutting edge educational
technology and educational psychology research (much of which was
conducted right here at MSU – one example

We are offering two experiences this summer. One is the full Master of
Arts in Educational Technology program.  The other is a “DIY Workshop”
for those who already have a master’s degree/experience in educational
technology and are looking to connect and


The College of Education at MSU is one of the highest ranked colleges
of education in the United States, renowned for its commitment to
teachers and schools. Research in our college is strongly connected to
the real lives and contexts of teachers and students in our program
get to take courses with some of the top scholars and practitioners in
the field. It is no surprise that graduates of our program, spread out
across the world, have won awards, grants and accolades for their work
and taken on leadership positions in their schools and districts. They
can do this because our program prepares them to become teachers who
understand the how the classrooms to today need to be shaped in order
to meet the demands of the future.

We are now accepting applications for our 2012 summer program in
Dublin, Ireland.
The cohort-based program will take place from
July 1 – July 27, 2012

A total of 30 semester credits are required to graduate from our
program. This is achieved by taking 3 summers with 9-credit
enrollments each summer along with one 3-credit online course.

More details on the summer program can be found by visiting:

Estimated total expenses for summer 2012:
Tuition 6437.70 USD (9-credits at 715.30/credit)
Activity Fee 150 USD (field trip, supplies, classroom rental)
Housing** (single en-suite room) – 1400 USD
Subtotal 7987.70 USD

An optional meal plan can be added which provides breakfast and/or
lunch Monday – Friday.
Breakfast – 250 USD
Lunch – 280 USD

We are excited about our program and we hope you will join us! You can
find application materials at

For more information, contact our program coordinator Leigh Graves
Wolf at and check out our social networks where you
can interact with current students and alumni:
Facebook –
Twitter –



The 2012 Summer MAET Refresher course will embrace the DIY mantra and
help refill your technology toolbox with a plethora of tips and tricks
to help you continue your post-MA educational technology expedition.
From instructional tools, web presence, mobile devices, audio, video,
social networking, collaboration and personal productivity – we will
cover it all!

The instructor for the refresher is the fabulous Alec Couros. Dr. Alec
Couros is a professor of educational technology and media at the
Faculty of Education, University of Regina. You can find him on
twitter @courosa or online at

You will be required to participate in asynchronous online pre-class
project planning activities June 1 – July 10, 2012. This will be a
self-paced portion of the course to help us make the most of our
synchronous time together. In Dublin from July 11-18 you will have the
opportunity to network with current MAET students and attend the 2012
MAET leadership conference on July 17, 2012. (What is the MAET
leadership conference?

In addition to our classroom time together, in true MAET style we will
have our student services coordinator Jean-Pierre Heussaff at your
service to supplement your academic experience with cultural

You have two options for tuition-
If you need graduate level credits for certificate renewal, you may
take the refresher
FOR-CREDIT: 3 credits (715.30 USD/credit) – 2145.90 USD
You may also take the course at a
NON-CREDIT: workshop rate 700.00 USD
Both rates are all inclusive of additional fees and include course materials.

Single, en-suite housing for 500 USD for week. A meal plan may be
added at an additional rate.

All are welcome (even if you did not graduate from MSU)!
Complete the 2012 MAET Summer Reservation Form and choose “CEP 891 Refresher.”
If you do not have an MSU Student Number, you can leave that field
blank. Additionally, do not choose an option in the “graduation

Please consider this program and its amazing rewards.

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Feel free to contact me or any of the links above if you would like more information.

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